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On September 1, 2021, South Pasadena City Council adopted an ordinance banning the use of gas-powered leaf blowers in the City. Over 200 cities in the United States have enacted bans or restrictions on gas-powered leaf blowers. Enforcement for this ban begins October 1, 2022!

Think an electric leaf blower can’t handle the job? Come and test out an electric leaf blower yourself and be prepared to be blown away by the impressive power coming out of these low-noise, low-polluting machines! Join our FREE Electric Leaf Blower Demonstration on Thursday, April 21 at Orange Grove Park (815 Mission St.) All are welcome to stop by between 9am and 1pm to test out a variety of low-noise, low-polluting leaf blower models and brands to find the equipment best suited for your needs. Spanish speakers are welcome and refreshments will be served. To learn more about environmental programs in the City, including the leaf blower ban, visit


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