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As the City begins the transition to Stage 2 watering restrictions, trees will need additional support to ensure they thrive during the drought. Although all South Pasadena residents are limited to two (2) watering days per week, hand watering is allowed by means of a bucket or a hose with a shut-off nozzle. If you have trees in your parkway, you are responsible for watering them!

Branch Out and try these tips to keep your trees healthy while conserving water:

  • Water slowly to allow absorption- watering too fast can result in runoff and water waste. DO NOT overwater in anticipation of dry days because soil cannot retain extra water.
  • Try utilizing mulch around the roots of your trees to reduce water evaporation, lower garden soil temperature, and limit the growth of weeds.
  • Most mature trees need deep watering once or twice a month. Deep watering helps promote deep root growth. If you have a drip irrigation system, you can water any day.

Visit this link to learn how to keep trees alive and view our Watering Do’s and Don’ts.

To learn more about outdoor water conservation or how to care for your trees, visit Outdoor Water Conservation Education | South Pasadena, CA ( and review the Terrific Trees & Pleasant Plants dropdown for detailed information. 


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