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The Clean Power Alliance (CPA) will begin providing the entire City with renewable energy starting in October 2022! Businesses and commercial establishments will aid in the efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our City. Don’t worry- it’s not complicated! Commercial businesses are automatically enrolled in the program. You will still receive a bill from Southern California Edison, the source of the power is just changing from non-renewable fossil fuels to clean energy! The CPA also provides customer assistance programs that can help manage your electricity bill: visit Residences and municipal facilities have been utilizing renewable energy through the CPA since 2019! Now is the time to do your part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Visit the 100% Green Energy Update for Businesses or Commercial Establishments (2022).

Visit to learn more about communities choosing 100% Green Power!

If you choose not to be enrolled in the program, please visit this link for detailed information to opt-out of the program. For more information, visit or learn more about the Clean Power Alliance through the City website.


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